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ARC Review: The Governess Gambit by Erica Ridley

Rating: 5 out of 5.
I really enjoyed getting some background for the Duke Heist (which I already read my arc of and LOVED). Bean’s illness was so heartbreaking and I really felt for the Wynchester siblings. And OMG but the new Duke of Faircliffe was infuriating. I even know why from Duke Heist but ugh. Did not like him here. (Yes, I know that’s the point.)

I do see how starting the series here could make it seem somewhat lacking – I am glad to have read this after Duke Heist, though that did make the introductions of all the Wynchesters slightly tedious.

I love the Wynchester siblings so much. They are a wild, wonderful family and I really wish I could know them in real life. Even better, if I could be one of them. Besides their capers and plotting, it’s clear they love one another and trust one another deeply.

Thanks to Erica Ridley and WebMotion for providing an e-arc of this for review.