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ARC DNF Review: The Rebel and the Rake


Publishing Date: December 28, 2021


Rafe Davies might seem like just another charismatic rake, but in reality, he is one of the crown’s most valuable agents. As relentless as he is reckless, Rafe has never come upon a mission he couldn’t complete. But when he encounters the intriguing-yet-prickly lady’s companion Miss Sylvia Sparrow while on assignment at a Scottish house party, he finds himself thoroughly distracted by the secretive beauty.

Though most women would be thrilled to catch the eye of a tall, dark, and dangerously handsome man, Sylvia is through with that sort of adventure. She trusted the wrong man once and paid for it dearly. The fiery bluestocking is resolved to avoid Rafe, until a chance encounter between them reveals the normally irreverent man’s unexpected depths—and an attraction that’s impossible to ignore. But when Sylvia begins to suspect she isn’t the only one harboring a few secrets, she realizes that Rafe may pose a risk to far more than her heart . . .

My Review:

Rating: 1 out of 5.

This was…. excruciatingly boring. I read the first 20% and absolutely nothing happened. We get some insta-lust, some stilted interactions, and a whole lot of lengthy asides about what happened to characters in the past and what happened to characters from the previous book in the past. Plus some interludes of the hero and heroine being moody and beating themself up because of their past actions that were really fine? I was incredibly bored and I like slow-moving stories. I kept reading because the elderly woman Sylvia is companion to is amusing, but she has very little page time. I have never been so bored by a novel in which the hero is a spy and the heroine is a bluestocking and suffragette. They really both should have been much more interesting.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for providing an e-arc for review.

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