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Art Books ARC Review: Drawing is for Everyone by Kateri Ewing and Mixed Media Color Studio by Kellee Wynne Conrad

Drawing Is for Everyone: Simple Lessons to Make Your Creative Practice a Daily Habit - Explore Infinite Creative Possibilities in Graphite, Colored Pencil, and Ink

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I really enjoyed reading through this book and getting ideas for future drawings and techniques. In some ways it’s a simple book, but I think it’s also pretty profound and the seemingly-simple exercises could lead to some very beautiful things. I am especially eager to try out the Pocket Treasure Collage with its intriguing mix of realistic renderings of objects and abstract designs, and also the Word Play exercise. I also found the lessons on creating value with pencils and a light touch especially enlightening. I am definitely guilty of pressing too hard with my pencil and creating shiny areas. I can see these exercises (and the others) transforming my artistic process and the resulting art will certainly be better for it.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Quarry Books for providing an e-arc for review.

Mixed Media Color Studio: Explore Modern Color Theory to Create Unique Palettes and Find Your Creative Voice--Play with Acrylics, Pastels, Inks, Graphite, and More

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m going to have to really sit with this one for a bit and come back to it again, there’s so much there to process. There are some incredibly insightful thoughts on color and how to use it, and so many tips I plan to incorporate into my own work. My mind was blown when the author compared colors to a value scale ranging from yellow to purple (lightest to darkest). Mind. Blown. That’s an exercise I will have to do immediately. Some of the example pieces really spoke to me and I think if I contemplate them for a while I’ll have a much better understanding of the colors that speak to me.

Overall, an excellent, engaging read that I will come back to again and again.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Quarry Books for providing an e-arc for review.

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