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September 2020 Wrap-up

September was another good reading month for me. I read 19 books and liked most of them quite a lot, loved several of them, and didn’t DNF any.

I rated them thusly, though I approached ranking them slightly differently, as you’ll see below. First we have the star ratings:

And then then ranking:

As you can see the two systems don’t quite match up. This is because I don’t use the same criteria when giving stars to say, a romance novel and a fantasy epic. And also because I don’t rank them until some time has passed, and the distance makes it clearer which books I love and which I only really like. I also reserve 1 star for DNFs (because if I can’t bring myself to finish it, there’s a reason for that) and the rare book that I am interested enough in to finish but extremely dislike parts of.

This seems a good time also to do a yearly-until-now wrap-up, which you can see below. I have read 114 books thus far and greatly liked the vast majority of them.

I also ranked the books from the first half of the year but never posted it, so I’ll add that here. I’ll rank the second half of the year at the end of December.

I would absolutely highly recommend everything in the Really Like and Love categories. I would have some reservations about recommending those in the Like category, and wouldn’t recommend those in the Meh and Nope categories at all.

And now, on to October!!!

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