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Part The First: Being the Start of The Blog

I have been posting my reviews online for years now on goodreads, amazon, and barnes&noble. I began posting book reviews to my tumblr blog late last year. Upon realizing that people can only follow tumblr blogs if they have tumblr blogs of their own (duh, me), I decided to create a Blog blog that will allow people to follow me. If they want.

I’m keeping my name – Whimsical Dragonette – because I love it. I will also be posting older book reviews here, in addition to new reviews, because there are a lot of awesome books I want to recommend.

So. Without further ado, let the book reviews commence.

Oh, yes. In case anyone was wondering, (was anyone wondering?) My name is Shilo and I use the pronouns They/them. I am both queer and nonbinary.


Let the book reviews commence.

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